Monday, August 17, 2009

Vanilla Ice Cream (Updated)

Okay, so the next one is not exactly a bake good. Not really at all because it's a recipe for ice cream. But I visited my Aunt Shane in North Carolina last weekend and who the hell wants to bake in that kind of weather? It's seriously ten times worse than New York's heat and humidity and if you know what that's like, you can sympathize. And just to further support this post: I have often used vanilla ice cream as an accompaniment in previous recipes so... this recipe definitely goes hand in hand with a baking blog. Right?

On Saturday night, after a lovely dinner out on the town, my aunt and I decided to go see that movie Julie and Julia. However, we missed the showing so we decided to go back home and make something for dessert ourselves, in honor of Julia Child (of course). My aunt has this gorgeous home in Greenville, NC, complete with all sorts of fun kitchen gadgets. Most notably, her ice cream maker from CuisineArt (pictured below) which she got from Williams and Sonoma (W & S).

Step 1: prepare.

Ice Cream Mix (from W & S)
1 and 1/2 cups Half and Half
1 and 1/2 cups Heavy Cream
Toppings (optional but recommended)

For this particular ice cream maker, you're suppose to keep the inside cylinder part in the freezer. Remember to pick up all the ingredients at the grocery store before you attempt to make ice cream. It can be a pain in the neck if you forget an essential one: it also prolongs the ice cream eating part :(

Also, don't forget the toppings! For this sundae, since we were going with vanilla ice cream, I decided on the classic hot fudge and caramel syrups and m&m toppings.

Step 2: add all the ingredients.

First, dump the ice cream mix into the mixer.

Then, add the half&half and heavy cream. Aunt Shane kind of took the reigns on this one. I watched and took pictures.

Step 3: and let the mixing begin.

Then you just click the "on" button and WAHLAH: 25 minutes later you have ice cream that looks kinda like this:

Step 4: top and enjoy!

Scoop out the ice cream into ice cream bowls. My aunt had special ice cream bowls that said, "Let's Party" on them I think, or maybe it was, "Ice Cream Party." Either way, they were cool. Then, top them with your favorite toppings. Like I said, I went with chocolate and caramel. I personally think you can't go wrong with that kind of combo.

Unfortunately, the ice cream was melting extremely fast in the hot Carolina weather so I took one for the team and forfeited a picture of my masterpiece in favor of enjoying the deliciousness of it before it became a puddle of cream and sugar. Here is an artist's rendering of the final product:

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